Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Counting my Blessings: What I’m Thankful for in our 11 years of Marriage

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." ~ Marcel Proust

My husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary every July 18, and this year marked our 11th year of marriage. Just like any other married couple, our journey together as husband and wife had been filled with a lot of trials, disappointments and arguments. For relationships to work, communication should always be present, and our relationship, admittedly, lacks in that area.

Well, on the first few years of our marriage, I would always talk to my husband whenever there is something wrong. But as the years go by, I kind of got tired of always initiating the talks and not feeling from him the same concern I have over our relationship. Getting an annulment was already an option I was considering because I just wanted to be free from him and from a relationship that no longer grows. Well, we were certainly growing—just not together, but apart.

When I was talking to a close friend over the phone a couple of months back when I was at the brink of really leaving him for good, my friend suggested that I focus on what’s beautiful in our marriage and in our family, because he said that things for sure aren’t all that ugly—that there has to be something worth remembering and being grateful for in our 11 years of being together. Then I suddenly remembered my children—my 3 precious gifts from God.

Yes, that’s what I lovingly call them for they truly are precious to me. I love my children to pieces and they are blessings from God—a great reminder of His love and of my very important mission in life, and that is to raise God-fearing individuals, who are ready to serve Him and other people. They wouldn’t be my children if it weren’t for my husband, and I wouldn’t want that any other way.

My husband is also a very hard-working man, and I truly give him credit for that. He provides for our needs and is very gentle with our children, and so those are his good points that I remind myself. Being vocal of how he feels really is not a strong character of my husband but I know he loves us. Remembering what I learned from the Law of Attraction, I should always remember and focus only on what’s good about a person, because in that way, you bring the best out of that person and of course, you no longer feel bad—which is really a waste of energy. I’m thankful that I was reminded of this philosophy.

I’ve resolved that I will no longer dwell on the things that went and are still wrong in our marriage, as I know God has His reasons that I will understand someday, and I believe that through earnest and unceasing prayer, God will help us work things out. I’m blessed beyond words with the life I have with my children and with my husband—they complete me, and for that I’m truly grateful.

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