Saturday, December 24, 2011

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The Best Gift Ever

Every year, I look forward to a very special gift.  I wait for it with my family and my children, so that we could receive that special gift and say a prayer of thanksgiving.  Words cannot describe how tremendously thankful I am for without this gift, I believe I would really be lost.  A lot of people would really be lost.  It was the gift that gave me the remedy for my anxiety and what keeps me and my family hopeful and faithful.  It is the gift that brings me inner peace and joy when faced with worries and fears.  It is the gift that gives me confidence to face all challenges.  No other gift is as precious as this...

Our Lord Jesus Christ, being born into this world, is the only gift I could think of that is truly the best gift that I have ever received in my entire life.

Merry Christmas To All!
Enjoy This Special Occasion With Your Family and Loved Ones and 
Never Forget The Reason for the Season. :)

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