Monday, September 12, 2011

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Get Ready For Success (Moving Words Monday #11)

Moving Words Monday is back!  I'm deeply sorry for not having posted for a couple of weeks for this meme because I'd been really busy with focusing on and growing my business.  I'm really excited about the whole thing because I know it'll greatly benefit my family and I know that I'd be able to help a lot of people.  But, of course, blogging will always be my love so I'll try my very best to give time in updating my blogs and keeping my readers informed and inspired.

So for this week, I'm sharing an inspirational picture that I grabbed from the Facebook profile of one of the successful mentors and coaches in our business.  They are now reaping the rewards of their hardwork and now, they are focusing on helping new Distributors like me succeed in the business.

It is true that we often overlook the fact that successful people endured a lot of hardships before they became successful.  That no matter how many or how hard the beating was on the path to success, they took it and never gave up just so they could fulfill their dreams.  I am sharing this to all of you who have big dreams but are sometimes afraid to take risks and easily give up.  Let's never give up no matter how hard the journey is to fulfill our dreams and achieve success.

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  1. i agree with you. there's always a painful story behind everyone's success.
    joining MWM this week. ;)


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