Sunday, September 25, 2011

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Drawing Strength and Motivation through Book Reading

As a human, it is in one's nature to adapt to the changes and find means in order to survive.  While problems and difficulties are parts of life, it is overcoming them and rising above the situation that seemed to be hard.  How do you get up and move on after losing a loved one, or being fired from a job?  Each person has a way to cope up and if you are not strong enough to take whatever life throws at you, then you'll be most likely to slip into depression or just plainly give up.

While family will always be the best support that one could have during these tough times, there are other ways on how you could overcome these problems and one of them is through book reading.  There are a number of self help and motivational books that are available, finding one that tackles exactly what you're going through can help you in looking at life on a different perspective.

In order for a book to becoming effective in helping, a person needs to remember that openness and acceptance are very important.  Take a good look and examine your life.  Was it your actions that lead you to your current situation?  Acknowledging and owning your mistakes is the first step.

Once you start reading an inspirational book, remember the important points by writing notes or underlining the important texts.  Reflect on each chapter and determine your course of action.  Work on improving your life using the knowledge that you gained from reading motivational books.  Keep in mind that only you could alter the direction of your life and reading books will not help if you won't exert an effort to change.

Ally is a freelance content writer is also fond of traveling and outdoor adventures.  She enjoys working on a hypothyroidism diet and sees this as an opportunity to share health and fitness related stories.

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  1. This works for me, whenever i feel depressed and confused, i seek comfort from the ff books, entitled: "Total Joy" and "With God All things is Possible". And im relieved and ready to face life challenges again.


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