Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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Word-Filled Wednesday: Psalm 46:1

I first came across this verse when my daughter was still in pre-school.  Every week, they're required to memorize a Bible verse and this is one of those verses they've memorized that I really remember.  When I was in great distress a couple of years ago, this verse showed up again, kind of reminding me that all I need to do was to trust God.  He is indeed our help and our strength in times of great need.

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  1. Amen! That's definitely worth remembering! It reminds me of the verse that says, 'All my fountains are in you' (Psalms 87:7) Just another way of saying, Lord you are my source for ALL things!

  2. Thanks for brighten up my day!

    I was very touched with the verse of the day from Matthew that talks about loving the enemy. Recently, I have some sort of misunderstanding with a very friend of mine and I can't deny it that I'm really upset about him. Somehow I managed to pray on the Lord to give me strength and calming heart to remain humble despite the afflictions I've been through these days. He is so good and He is really our strength all the time.


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