Friday, February 25, 2011

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Start the 7-minute Habit

When I attended a seminar 2 years ago courtesy of the real estate company I belong to, I learned about the 7-minute Habit.  Our guest speaker was Chinkee Tan who authored the books Till Debt Do Us Part and For Richer and For Poorer (which I have an autographed copy of) and it was through him that I learned of this concept.  As we know, when we regularly repeat an action or behavior, it becomes a habit.  And sadly, most people develop bad habits than good ones.

Take for example the bad habit of tardiness.  Yes, being late or tardy is a habit.  That's because people who are always late develop bad habits that make them late, like hitting the snooze button on their alarm, or saying excuses that he got stuck in heavy traffic, which is not true sometimes.  It can also be attributed to the thinking that being "fashionably late" is okay, which we all know is definitely not okay.  In the process of developing the tardiness habit, the habit of forming excuses, which is also a bad one, is also formed.  So each bad habit develops another.

If we can develop bad habits, then we can definitely develop good habits, right?  Breaking a habit, especially the bad ones, is definitely not an easy thing to do, so in order for us to unlearn these negative habits and replace them with new and good ones, taking baby steps to developing good habits is the key.  And that's what the 7-minute habit is for.

This is how author and coach Chinkee Tan described it in his book, For Richer or For Poorer:
" I've found it easier for an action to become a habit if it's done consistently, daily for seven minutes.

I wanted to make reading a habit.  I started reading 7 minutes every day.  Now I can read for hours, the result of which is knowledge and wisdom that I am able to impart to others.

I wanted to be healthy.  I started to do push ups and sit ups for 7 minutes everyday.  As a result, I lost 18 pounds and 3 inches off my waist.

I wanted to write.  I started to write consistently for 7 minutes.  The product is this book you now hold in your hands.

Perform the Seven-Minute Habit over a course of 2-4 weeks.  You will need 2 weeks to establish the habit, then another 2 weeks to reinforce and strengthen it.  Make sure you perform the 7-minute habit at least three times a week; daily is much better.  Make sure your schedule is not disrupted.

Power Truth:  We must first form the habit before the habit can form us.

If it worked for him, why will it not work for us?

Start the 7-minute Habit NOW!


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