Monday, February 28, 2011

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Seeing the Beauty in Everything

When my daughter was hospitalized a few months ago because of a severe asthma attack, it was a real down moment for me.  It happened on the 3rd birthday of my son and I really felt sad for both my kids.  I was the one who watched my daughter at the hospital for 4 days, and being there with no other means of entertainment totally bored me.  Well, I brought along a couple of inspirational books to read so that I could keep my mind away on the negative side of things, like the health condition of my daughter and the bills to be paid.

Having someone in your family getting sick or hospitalized is a real downer so aside from reading inspirational books, I tried my best to appreciate the things around me (yes, even though I was at the hospital).  It was a good thing that there was a good view from our hospital room window, where I could still see greens, the sunrise and the sunset.  From inside the hospital, the friendly smiles and the nice uniforms of the nurses where what I appreciated.  I really think that the Scrubs for nurses are way better than the old uniforms nurses wore before.  The hospital staff were wearing baby blue scrubs and the guys at the x-ray room (where my daughter was taken to have her lungs checked) were wearing green Scrub pants.  There were even nurses who were wearing scrubs with floral prints which I thought were really cute.  Good books, a nice view and warm people and yes, even nice uniforms helped chase my blues away. :)

Even in uneventful situations, trying to see and appreciate the beautiful things around us, may it be a big or simple thing, is really a good way to help alleviate our sad mood and feelings.

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  1. And it does work! Focusing on the positive and beautiful, even in sad situations. I had a similar experience recently when she was in hospital.


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