Thursday, January 6, 2011

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29 Simple Things You can Do To have a FANTASTIC 2011!

I am always blessed whenever I read something from Bo Sanchez.  I have read two of his books and have been greatly blessed by his wisdom and sense of humor (believe me, his books are really great! :) )

Now he shares a list of things we can do to all have a fantastic year and life ahead.  I, for one, consider this list not just something to be done this year, but all throughout my life.  These are great reminders on how we can remain happy and positive.  I have been doing some of the things listed like walking (just need to add 10 more minutes), cutting TV time and not reading any newspaper at all.  All you see on the news are negative things so might as well avoid them.  We've received an invitation before on the Feast (mentioned on the 29th item), but we haven't attended yet, so this year, we're planning to join the Feast and be blessed. :)

I am sharing this list from Bo Sanchez and might want to consider adding some or all of them in your reminders or resolutions:

1.        Laugh with inspiring friends at least once a week or more
2.        Have Mentors in the most important areas of your life
3.        Walk 30 minutes a day
4.        Use your talents for God by serving in a ministry
5.        Invest 20% of your income every month
6.        Read one inspiring book a month
7.        Cut TV watching to the barest minimum (Zero is a good number)
8.        Limit newspaper reading to 5 minutes or less a day
9.        Take vacations often
10.    Eat fruits for breakfast
11.    Always have a salad for lunch and dinner
12.    Start a business (or improve your business) this year
13.    Always be grateful to God and others
14.    Always live by your deepest values
15.    Spend time with God everyday
16.    Play with your kids at least once a day (If you don’t have any, borrow.)
17.    Have a weekly date with your spouse (If you don’t have any, don’t borrow!)
18.    Date your parents regularly
19.    Before you sleep, remove all anger by forgiveness
20.    Be the kindest person you can be
21.    Find your passion and live it fully
22.    Give more hugs (and receive as many)
23.    Listen to understand, not to reply
24.    Celebrate more often
25.    Put people over projects
26.    Enjoy quiet and solitude
27.    Always give 10% of your income to God
28.    Keep dreaming
I have a 29th thing I would like to recommend to you: Join me at our weekly Feast and change your life forever. Bring your friends and family. Everyone is welcome. For venues and time of the nearest Feast in your area, email Annie at
What happens at the Feast? This January, you’ll hear an exciting teaching series entitled, Drenched. You’ll learn the 4 crucial Steps to receive an overflow of abundant blessings this 2011.

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